A film by Sandra Prechtel

//trailer (german)//

The gritty, kinetic, visionary cinema of Roland Klick …

At the age of fourteen Roland Klick was certain: cinema was what his soul was longing for. Filmmaking as an adventure, existential experience and escape from overstructured German post-war reality. The film director as explorer and foreign legionnaire, in search of himself.

Roland Klick, the director of films such as DEADLOCK (with Mario Adorf) and WHITE STAR (with Dennis Hopper) has an exceptional position in German cinema. Maladjusted to the forms of New German Cinema of the 1970s, too imaginative and unconventional for commercial cinema, Klick was marginalized by the critical establishment. Although his films won several German Film Awards, were international acclaimed and achieved cult status, Klick was written out of history. His dystopian punk-rock odysseys, acid-drenched Westerns and youth-oriented crime dramas are now ripe for rediscovery.

World Premiere Berlinale 2013



Director, Writer: Sandra Prechtel / Cinematographer: Susanne Schüle, Lukas Schmid / Editor: André Nier / Music: Lukas Langenegger, Balz Bachmann / Sound: Takis Christos Sariannidis, Severin Renke, Ulla Kösterke / Producer: Frieder Schlaich / Production company: Filmgalerie 451


Original title: ROLAND KLICK – THE HEART IS A HUNGRY HUNTER / available in HD / colour / 80 min / German with english subtitles / Germany 2013

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