A film by Roland Klick


With Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider, Blue Velvet), David Hess (The Last House on the Left)

Berlin, 1981. Dennis Hopper plays Ken Barlow, a washed up tour manager who hit his peak as a road manager for the Rolling Stones but things have been going downhill for him ever since. He has found salvation in Moody (Terrance Robay), an up and coming synth-pop artist, who he vies to take straight to the top of the pops.
Obsessed by the idea that all publicity is good publicity, Barlow, together with his accomplice on the streets (David Hess) incites a violent punk riot at Moody’s first concert. But that is only the first glimpse into Barlow’s bag of tricks that sends both him and Moody down a ever more destructive path.

“The emotionally most demanding film I’ve ever made, and therefore the most dangerous one – for me.” Dennis Hopper

State Film Award in Silver for Best Film 1984

Original title: White Star / available in HD / colour / 92 min / english language & german language versions available / West Germany 1983

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