A film by Lisa Weber

First feature

A relationship in the summer of its 47th year, a man and a woman travel to North Cape. By car. Driving for the sake of driving, not to reach a destination. They listen to hits, the same CD over and over again. And are filmed by their granddaughter. Sausages brought from home and ferry crossings by night, handstands in a hotel room and a Santa Claus village, Swedish landscapes, and Norwegian rain. An endless driving around in circles accompanied by cryptic and confusing directions from the GPS. The closer they get to reaching their destination, the less important it becomes. No longer a film about the difficulties of a long drive but one about the difficulties of a long life together. And on top of that about the difference between a reindeer and an elk, between a man and a woman, between Grandma and Grandpa. Simmering-North Cape-Simmering. And at the end, music and noodle soup.

Festival participations: IFF Rotterdam, Diagonale, Crossing Europe, La Rochelle IFF, Karlovy Vary IFF (documentary competition – honored with special mention by the jury).


Director: Lisa Weber / Writer: Roland Stöttinger / Cinematorgrapher: Lisa Weber / Editor: Roland Stöttinger / Sound: Lisa Weber / Producer: Rudi Takacs / Production Company: Takacs Filmproduktion

Original Title: SITZFLEISCH / available for screenings in DCP (25 fps) / 16:9 / color / stereo /  77 min / original language: German with English subtitles / Takacs Filmproduktion 2014


The Hollywood Reporter




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