By Bernd Schaarmann


NICE PLACES TO DIE accompanies people who share their lives with the dead and some literally with corpses. Told by an undertaker’s son, the audience is taken to a trip from Argentina to Manila, Cairo and Sulawesi, to places that all have something in common: Life!


Director: Bernd Schaarmann / Writer: Heike Fink / Cinematorgrapher: Olaf Hirschberg und Andrés Marder, Bernd Schaarmann / Editor: Rainer Nelissen / Sound: Gerald Cronauer (Mix) / Music: Stefan Ziethen and Esther Hilsberg (add. Music) / Producer: Bernd Schaarmann / Production Company: coolfilms – Bernd Schaarmann / Co-producer: Bastie Griese, Daniel Mann (MMC Movies), Jutta Krug (WDR)

Original Title: Nice Places To Die / shot with Red Cine, Canon 5D / available for screenings: DCP / color / image format: 1:1,85 / 105 Min / dolby digital / original language: German, Spanish, Bahasa, Arabic, Tagalog with English subtitles / coolfilms – Bernd Schaarmann 2015

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