By Roberto Doveris


For the first time Florencia (17) will have to take care of her older brother, who is in a vegetative state, by her own. Trying to survive with limited means and no one assisting them, she’ll become obsessed with a comic called “Las Plantas”, which tells the story of the invasion of plant souls during full moon. This is also the time that Florencia starts to explore her sexuality, meeting strangers through the Internet.

BAFICI 2015 – BAL Epicentre Films Award, BAL goes to Cannes 2015, Cine de Viña del Mar (3 awards in the work in progress competition).

Valdivia IFF (competition), Berlin IFF (Grand Jury Prize for Best Film and Special Mention by the Young Jury), Jeonju IFF (competition), Barcelona Auteur FF (competition), Cine las Americas, Amsterdam Spanish FF, IFF Trencianske Teplice, Galway FF, Ireland, Jagran FF, Festival de cine del Mar, Punto del Este, IFF Santander, IFF of Quito (Best Film)

“An original coming-of-age tale laced with pop culture” –  “A sexually souped-up teen psycho-thriller” – Variety

“…high-risk sequences, the continuous, underlying throb of sexual tension and a canny way with visually evoking states of mind suggest that Doveris is one to watch.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Daring, atmospheric debut” –  “Gorgeously lensed teen salute to the female gaze” – i-D



Director & Writer: Roberto Doveris / Cinematorgrapher: Patricio Alfaro / Editor: Roberto Doveris, Pilar Rodríguez / Sound: Diego Aguillar / Music: Violeta Castillo, Ignacio Redard / Art Director: Natalia Mardones, Antonia Garretón / Producers: Roberto Doveris, Rocío Romero / Production Company: Niña Niño Films, Mimbre Producciones / Associated Producer: Alicia Scherson (La Ventura)


Violeta Castillo: Florencia / Ingrid Isensee: Mother / Mauricio Vaca: Sebastian / Ernesto Meléndez: Christobal

Original title: Las Plantas / shot on HD Video / available for screenings in DCP / 24fps / 2K / 16:9 / color / sound 5.1 / 93 min / original language Spanish with English subtitles / Niña Niño Films, Mimbre Producciones Chile 2015

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