By Jules Herrmann


Antek Liebmann moves to the French countryside in an attempt to leave his former life in Germany behind. He soon gets a job and starts dating Sébastien. But the strange energy of a near-by artist´s residency and an unexpected visitor from Germany make him realize that he cannot escape his memories. He must find a way of confronting the ghosts of his past.

Berlin IFF (Perspektive Deutsches Kino), Achtung Berlin, Intl Frauen Film Festival, InsideOut, Schwule Filmwoche Freiburg, MixMilano FF, Fünf Seen FF, 15. Deutsche Filmwoche Mexico, Taiwan Queer FF, Beijing Queer FF, Queer Filmfestival Oldenburg, Cork FF, Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam, Goethe Inst. Kolkata, Cinergia FF, Max Ophüls Preis, Queer Screen FF Sydney a.o.

Nominated for the European Film Awards 2016 in the category European Discovery.



Director, Writer, Editor: Jules Herrmann / Cinematographer: Sebastian Egert / Production design: Nicola Minssen / Sound: Tobias Rüther / Sound design: Michał Krajczok / Music: Christian Halten / Producer: Jules Herrmann / Co-producer: Roswitha Ester, Torsten Reglin (Ester.Reglin.Film)



Godehard Giese: Antek Liebmann / Adeline Moreau: Geneviève / Fabien Ara: Sébastien / Bettina Grahs: Ines / Alain Denizart: Antoine / Denise Lecocq: Giselle / Morgane Delamotte: Morgaine


Original title: Liebmann / HD DCP / 16:9 / colour / 82 min / 5.1 / original language French and German with English subtitles / Germany 2016


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