FindeSemanaBy Moroco Colman


Carla arrives to accompany Martina after years of absence. The relationship between them is distant, there’s something they don’t talk about. Martina has furtive encounters with Diego, a man twice her age. Both of them submit to a strong, out-of-control sexual game. Once Carla discovers this liaison she confronts Diego. When Martina finds out, the already electrified atmosphere between them escalates.

San Sebastian IFF (New Directors competition), Habana IFF (competition), BAFICI (competition), Oldenburg IFF (competition), Madrid IFF, Exground IFF, Mar del Plata IFF a.o.

“…one of the favourites in the Argentinian competition (BAFICI)… Aesthetic sensibility, millimetric script construction, solid narrative concrete, perfect musicalization are the pillars of a story in which form and background mutually propel each other.” –



Director: Moroco Colman / Writer: Moroco Colman, Andrea Gigena, Sofía Castells / Cinematorgrapher: Gustavo Biazzi, Fernando Lockett, Pablo González Galetto / Editor: Rosario Suárez / Sound: Jésica Suárez / Music: Juan Sorrentino / Art Director: Adrián Suárez/ Producer: Sofía Castells / Production Company: Sofía Castells – Moroco Colman (Más Allá Productora)



Sofía Lanaro / María Ucedo / Lisandro Rodríguez / Eva Bianco / Jean Pierre Noher


Original Title: Fin de Semana / shot in Digital 4K / available for screenings in DCP 24fps / Color / image format 4:3, 1: 2.35 and 1: 1.85 / 73 min /  5.1 / original language: Spanish with english subtitles / Sofía Castells – Moroco Colman (Más Allá Productora)  Argentina 2016

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