By Davi Pretto

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In remote rural south Brazil Dione, a mysterious young man, finds a home in a farm where he works as a helper. The quietness of the region is disturbed when a rich landowner appears buying land in the region. When he tries to buy the small property where Dione and the family live, Dione sees his existence in danger.

Brasilia Film Festival (Best Film – Critics Prize, Best Screenplay and Best Sound), Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema. (Best Film), Cine Esquema Novo (Highlight Award), Berlinale – Forum, Lucca FF, Jeonju IFF (Grand Prize), Olhar de Cinema a.o.

“Contemplative, silent, almost suffocating with so much tension about to explode” – Sérgio Alpendre, Revista Interlúdio

“From the making of thrillers, Pretto finds the right fit for a minimalist western of holding the fort” – Felipe Moraes, Metrópoles

“A style powerfully visual, laconic and elliptic, inspired both by Iranian cinema and by the classic westerns (…), which finds its climax in the strong closing scene” – Neusa Barbosa, Cineweb

“Its very expressive elaboration is supported by the threat, (…) powerful in conducting the viewer through the simple contemplation of the scenes and its moments of minor explosive raptures” – Raul Arthuso, Revista Cinética


Director: Davi Pretto / Writers: Davi Pretto, Richard Tavares / Cinematographer: Glauco Firpo / Art Director: Richard Tavares / Editor: Bruno Carboni / Sound Designers: Marcos Lopes, Tiago Bello / Original Music: Davi Pretto, Marcos Lopes, Tiago Bello, Producer: Paola Wink / Production Company: Tokyo Filmes / Coproducer: Paulo de Carvalho / Coproduction Company: Autentika Films


Dione Avila de Oliveira / Evaristo Goularte / Andressa Goularte / Elizabete Nogueira / Livia Goularte / Francisco Fabricio Dutra dos Santos / Sofia Ferreira

Original Title: Rifle / shot in digital 2k / available for screenings in DCP / color / image 2.39:1 / 88 min / 5.1 / original language: Portuguese with english subtitles / Tokyo Filmes / Brazil, Germany 2016.

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