By Elena Martín


Júlia, an architecture student from Barcelona, decides to take an Erasmus year in Berlin. This is how, without much consideration and driven by her inertia, Júlia leaves her parents home for the first time in her life. Full of expectancies and lacking life experience Júlia finds herself lost in a cold and grey Berlin, undergoing a student exchange year far from that adventure that she initially imagined.
Little by little she will build up her life in Berlin and get to know who she is in this new context. And while she gets to know the city from the inside and lets herself get carried away by its people, the end of this adventure is coming closer and closer.

Malaga IFF (Best Film, Best Director, Movistar+ Award for Best film), D’A FF, San Sebastian IFF, Reykjavik IFF (competition), Mostra Sao Paulo, Warsaw IFF (competition), Cinespana (competition), Festival de Cine La Orquídea Cuenca (Best Actress in Opera Prima Iberoamericana), Visionär FF (audience award) a.o.


Elena Martin / Oriol Puig / Jakob D’aprile / Laura Weissmahr



Director: Elena Martín / Writer: Maria Castellvi, Marta Cruañas, Elena Martín, Pol Rebaque / Cinematorgrapher: Pol Rebaque / Editor: Ariadna Ribas, Diana Toucedo / Sound: Carlos Jimenez, Alejandro Mazzoni / Art Director: Oriol Guanyabens / Producer: Sergi Moreno, Marta Cruañas, Tono Folguera / Production Company: Lastor Media


Original Title: JÚLIA IST / shot digital / available for screenings in DCP / color / image format flat-1.78 (Pillar box) 2K/ 96 min / sound format 5.1 / original language: German, Catalan with Spanish, English and Cataln subtitles / Lastor Media, Spain 2017

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